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tv   FOX 45 Late Edition  FOX  August 28, 2009 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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ravens-panthers game is set for 8:00 tomorrow night. karen parks and jeff barnd join us with the late edition. ♪ [ music ] as people clean up from storms here, others brace for tropical trouble. danny doesn't look like he will gather hurricane strength but will still bring us plenty of rain. how much we will get in my skywatch forecast. i told the judge he did not deserve to breathe free air again. >> a kidnapping and rape at a light rail station. tonight the sentence for what the judge called a night of terror. and find out just how fast you can spread the swine flu. live in high definition from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox45 news late edition. >> hello, again, i am jeff barnd. >> and i am karen parks. it has been a rainy friday. hopefully the weekend won't be a complete washout. >> jessica starr joins us now with the first look of the skywatch forecast.
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>> hi, guys. a wet and soggy day. a little bit of a break from the rain showers but that will pick up again through the overnight hours. you can see lingering rain showers toward the southern portions of the delmarva peninsula. zooming in a bigger picture of the system. a lot of tropical moisture from the south and will continue overnight tonight. now we do have a flashflood warning in effect for carroll county until 12:30 this morning. cars have been reported to be floating away toward gravel run road and lime barrel road in manchester. floods are the main weather killer and water over roads are hard to see at night. definitely drive with caution and we have that flashflood watch in effect until the morning hours on saturday as we are going to continue to get rain showers, some heavy rain showers. at time heavy rain showers will be the main threat overnight tonight and throughout the daytime tomorrow as well. at 2 p.m. if you were heading out, day cast or toward the state fair, we will continue
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with the rain showers at noon. at 3, 76 degrees. will the rain showers noon your sunday? we need an update on tropical storm danny to see if we will see any significant rainfall totals from that system as wel well. i will break it all down coming up in just a few minutes. >> thanks, jess. this morning's wicked weather caused a lot of problems. it could be to blame for a fire that destroyed a church in middle river. started around 3:30 this morning on eastern avenue at the sharp street united methodist church. no one was inside at the time. the rain left some roads completely under water. this was the scene in reisterstown at the intersection of owings mill boulevard near timber grove road. police and firefighters rescued drivers from cars stuck in the high water. the storms also caused some trees to come crashing down, including this one in lutherville. it slammed into a house in the 100 block of oaker ridge road early this morning. it caused damage to the roof but no one was injured. ocean city is bracing
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itself for the second weekend of rough seas and rough surfs. surfers love the rugged conditions caused by tropical storm danny, the beach patrol warned it could possibly cause rip tides. dangerous surf due to hurricane bill last week, and now lifeguards will be out in full force. >> we are cognizant additional wave actions and rip currents associated with danny as he passes by and we are starting to see the effects right now. >> the rough surf has not scared away the tourists, however. many of the big hotels are booked right through the weekend. you can track tropical storm danny with fox45 skywatch hurricane tracker available at just use fox45's doppler radar to track coming storms go to 23-year-old kiheem taylor faces a lifetime behind bar s phosphor a brutal attack on two teens. arrested in may for the kidnapping and rape of a young couple in baltimore county.
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a judge describes the crime as a night of terror. >> i told the judge he did not deserve to breathe free air again and hopefully he will never breathe free air again. >>reporter: a baltimore county judge hands down two life sentences plus 100 years to kiheem taylor and requests that he never be paroled. police say last october taylor and 18-year-old brian scott kidnapped a young couple at the light rail parking lot in timonium. they locked the boy in the trunk of the car for two hours while taylor raped the girl. after a joyride, they dumped the couple in cherry hill. >> i don't believe he was there. i just don't. i can't see my son doing nothing brutal like that. i just don't. >>reporter: believing he is innocent, taylor's family asked the judge for leniency. >> while they are putting him away for the rest of his life, that person that did this to them is still out there. >>reporter: prosecutor say no physical evidence linked taylor to the crime. >> only because -- yo, you --
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>>reporter: and then a phone call to an ex-girlfriend while he was in the baltimore county lock-up. [bleep] >>reporter: taylor's own words sealed his fate. taylor's accomplice brian scott pled guilty back in june. he could face up to 40 years in prison when he is sentenced in october. animal cruelty in anne arundel county. police say they found more than 20 dogs in unhealthy living conditions with an elderly couple in ormond beach. they have been complaining of the howling stench for nearly a year now but a call this morning to the county executiv executive's office finally got results. health officials and police say an elderly woman had 19 dogs inside the house, 2 in a trailer, all of them neglected, suffering from very serious illness. >> i can't imagine -- i actually cried when i saw the condition of these dogs. none of them daycare like out 2691 already 3 of them had -- out of the 21, 3 of them had
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hair. three pregnant ones and si six-week-old puppies. i can't imagine a six-week-old puppy going through that. it didn't have a stitch of hair continue to. >> health officials have removed the couple from the house and calling the house unfit due to unsanitary issues. no arrests have been made but the investigation is ongoing. we are teaming up with the baltimore county police tracking down suspects in our fugitive files. joy lepola is live with a group of detectives at the warren headquarters. joy. >>reporter: you can see detectives are working late tonight. let's look at the fugitives that we are hoping to track down, 17-year-old maurice brown accused of shooting a man in the head in the 300 block of elgin avenue. 5'5" tall and weighs 115 pounds and goes by the nickname reces. sherman williams wanted on kidnapping and assault. he is 5'11"and weighs 185
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pounds. then there is 45-year-old joseph harris wanted for armed robbery. harris is 5'10" tall and weighs 170 pounds. if you have any information, pick up your phone and call 410 -637-8970. lieutenant colonel jessie oden joins us. let's talk about the money on the line here. >> yes. we have money available for those who want it. if you have any information and it leads to an arrest, we will pay you up upwards to $1,000 or more. if you need the money, we need the suspects. so just give us a call. >>reporter: all right. and, again, the community involvement is so important in finding and tracking down these men. >> yes, it is, because it helps us. we can't be there. we don't know where he is at. you know where he is at. you are our eyes and ears in the community. so, please, just give us a call. >> thank you, colonel. and, again, they will be here until 11:30 tonight.
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410-637-8970. after that, you can always call 1-866-7-lockup or go to our web site,, and click on fugitive files. i am joy lepola, reporting liv live, fox45 news late edation. >> thanks, joy. the 120th maryland state fair kicked off at timonium fai fairground. fox45 is this year's proud sponsor of the fair that features all sorts of food, games and all-out family fun. the fair, however, did get off to kind of a soggy start with the rain, but that did not stop thousands from still coming out and having fun. >> it was raining a little earlier today. we got all wet, but now it has cleared up for the moment. >> i am really loving it. we were here last year and like 95 degrees. the lines were extremely long. today you can walk right in. the lines are perfect. >> there you go. if you didn't make it out today, we have plenty of time to do so. the fair lasts until september 7.
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every person infected with the h1n1 virus puts people at risk even before symptoms appear. according to a new study, each person infected puts 1.5 more people at risk. over three days once the infected person starts coughing or gets a fever even more people are at risk. anyone showing early symptoms of the flu needs to contact their doctor immediately. no more tele marketer call calls. starting tuesday, prerecorded telemarketing calls, robocalls will be banned unless you have given them permission. it a tele marketer calls, they will face a $16,000 fine. debt collectors and politicians can call as well as banks, insurers, phone companies and most charities. the federal trade commission can't ban those groups because they are outside of its jurisdiction. cash for clunkers was such a success, it gave toys 'r' us an idea. cash for cribs is now under wa way. people can trade in used cribs, car seats and other baby products for a 20% discount on
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new items. you can take your old products to any toys are us or babies r us. the program known as the great trade in will run from now until september 20. mayor dix jont victim of a prank that got everyone talkin talking. why brit -- mayor dixon is the victim of a prank that got many talking. thousands gathered to remember senator ted kennedy in boston. when and where you can pay your respects at his grave site in
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bradford. the second in the state of maryland bank failure. baltimore mayor sheila dixon got pranked and no one is laughing. a british blogger created a fictitious web site that looks like the city's web site that is getting a lot of views across the pond. it included a strong-worded statement from dixon defending baltimore's violent reputation pro tried on hbo's "the wire. qultion "that statement, of course, was not true. >> i really don't appreciate someone invading, you know, taking materials, passing it over there and trying to degrade the city. >> the city's it department took down the site. the perpetrator of the hoax apologized to the mayor's office today in an e-mail. baltimore's law department is investigating the incident. thousands of people pay their last respects to senator ted kennedy today. the tributes are continuing in private. public officials as well as loved ones have gathered at the
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jfk library outside of boston and dorchester. it was a very special experience for all the people today. [crying] >> not going to see him anymor anymore. >> kennedy will be buried near his brothers john and robert about 100 feet away from the eternal flame of jfk's grave. the service at arlington cemetery is not open to the public; however, the public can visit senator edward kennedy's grave beginning this monday. general motors says sales will indeed grow. the auto manufacturer expects sales to jump by 2 million to 12.5 million. august sales for chevrolet was partially because of the cash for clunkers. it boosted sales for smaller cars as well. new product sales are continuing to be strong even after the cash for clunkers program ended. the space shuttle discovery is on the launch pad in florida. nasa hopes to launch the shoul
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shouldle at midnight. it delayed the launch earlier this week due to a fuel valve problem. they hope any chances of storms in the area hold off. discovery is taking supplies up to the international space station. it looks like a rainy weekend ahead. how much will we get? jessica starr is here now with your full skywatch forecast. jess. >> hi. a lot of rain showers for today, but the good news is we are getting a little bit of a break right now but things will be picking up late tonight and throughout the daytime for tomorrow for saturday. now we do have a flashflood warning in effect for carroll county until 12:30 this mornin morning. we have reported that -- we have reports that cars have been reported just floating away near gravel run road and wine barrel road in manchester. one of our major weather killers. if you were driving overnight, you definitely -- need to take it easy because it is hard to see where water has built up over the roadway. the east coast is dealing with a lot of rain showers and the
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west coast is dealing with higher pressure. we will tap into that colder air but couple of days of soggy weather before we can get into that dry weather. tropical storm danny a well organized system. it has maximum sustained winds at 40 miles per hour. here is our predicted rainfall total when all this system -- this tropical moisture in our area by sunday morning. we expect that cool front to push through. look at this. we can see almost close to 2 inches of rain by sunday morning in westminster and carroll county and close to an inch in cockeysville and baltimore county. we still have another day to go of some wet weather and embedded thunderstorms for the daytime for tomorrow. let's go down and talk about tropical storm danny right now. very well and organized system has maximum sustained winds right around 40 miles per hour. pressure at 10:06 millibars and 479 miles south of ocean city maryland. and really going to make a close contact to north carolina and then bump back out toward the atlantic and then close to
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nova scotia. a very unorganized system and it is a very small system as well. future scan model we have under a warm sector dealing with rain showers and they will continue for the daytime for tomorrow for saturday have and off-again, on-again and see a couple of thunderstorms as well and then it will push through and keep the tropical storm danny out in the ocean as well but the cold front will push through late saturday night. high-pressure system will build and very nicely late in the day on sunday and into monday and give us beautiful weather for workweek. beachcast forecast if you are headed to ocean city. 81 degrees and definitely high surf and rip currents thanks to tropical storm danny. for tomorrow, baltimore city, 85 degrees. mostly cloudy skies. and good chance for some rain showers in the vicinity. the five-day forecast, rain showers for tomorrow. ing out. 83 degrees on sunday. monday and tuesday looking very nice. pleasant, dry and sunny conditions and by wednesday, 73 degrees with another chance of some rain showers moving in here.
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a look at the seven-day forecast coming up in just a few minutes. the ravens are in carolina for tomorrow night's match-up against the panthers. we will have a preview of their third season match-up next
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get this. some photographers got more than they bargained for outside of a pennsylvania courtroom. the 66-year-old father of a woman who pleaded guilty to identity theft scuffled with cameramen and another photographer held the man until officers escorted him away. the district attorney says the father is not expected to be charged. could this be witchcraft? check thought broom that stands on its own. christie burdette and her sister were getting their new consignment shop ready to open in alabama when they noticed
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the broom just standing there. >> to, i didn't have the ooh kind of feeling or spooky kind of feeling. more of how is it doing that. >> she says visitors have been flocking to her store to check out the spooky sweeper. a hot weather pasttime went to new levels when 235 people tried to go for a slip and slide world record. a church in kansas city, missouri put a 575-foot slide on a hill and told people to start sliding. unfortunately judges with guinness world record determined the group was a little short on people and water, but the church says it will go for the record again. megan gilliland, fox45 late edition. the ravens are in charlotte today for their third preseason game against the carolina panthers. this is a pivotal game for the raven starters, a game where they get their most playing time but also a big game for those players who are still trying to secure a spot on the team, including those battles at wide receiver and special
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teams. plus first-round draft pick michael orr could face off against julius peppers, one of the nfl's best defensive tackles. with only two days to practice since their last preseason game against the jets on monday, harbaugh sees this one as a good test for his team. >> this is a really talented team, especially -- well, on both sides of the ball, but the two outside guys they have got are tremendous players. both of our tackle also really get pushed and challenged and the linebangers are fast playing guys fullbacks and tight ends are going to get challenged. a great opportunity to see how those guys do and for us to get better. >> another decision that could be based on this game is the battle for kickers. second-year kicker steve howska and rookie graham ganeau are fighting for the spot left vacant by matt stover. howska hay be edging out his opponent. he head made every field goal but gouneau missed two
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including a 46-yarder against the jets. heading into tomorrow's game carolina though, harbaugh won't say who has the edge. >> we don't know, you know. we are hopeful and i think it is fair to say and everybody who is a ravens fan should be hopeful that one of these two guys can do it, because if one of these two guys can do it one more player we can keep. you go through the names and see who that guy will be. a good young player you don't and a guy that can help uses a special teams development whatever. at the same time we will not keep that player and jeopardize our chance to win games with the kicking foundation. and matt could get signed between then. you are walking a fine line and it is getting tight and something we hopefully can balance and make the right decision on. elsewhere, brandon marshal has been suspended indefinitely by his own team. the denver broncos decided to sideline their pro bowl receiver due to conduct detrimental to the team. you can see in wednesday's
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practice what might hint as the conduct that brancos were talking about. marshal shows his displeasure from the team by punting away from the ball boy. he swats do you know catch during a drill. there are rumors that the ravens are interested in the disgruntled wide-out. he had more than 1200 yards and six touchdowns last year. denver will make a decision on marshal's status at the end of preseason. back to you.
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